Biogas Torch for Environmental Protection and Biogas Engineering

Biogas torch is a kind of environmental protection treatment method for combustible gas which has a wide range of applications. It has a high degree of automation and good reliability. It can be used for coal chemical industry, synthetic chemical industry, metallurgy, natural gas, industrial biogas, paper mill biogas, sugar mills biogas, municipal sludge anaerobic biogas,starch plant biogas, alcohol plant biogas, citric acid plant biogas, landfill gas, farm methane and so on.

Product Parameter 
Emptying capacity: 0-500m3/h
Venting temperature: 40ºC
Venting gas: Biogas (CH4:50-70%, CO2:30-40%)

Basic structure 
A high-energy electronic ignition device is arranged on the torch head, which can be carried out on the burning head of the methane gas torch under various bad weather conditions, such as rain, snow, etc.

Torch automatic ignition device
The monitoring system of the torch automatic ignition is composed of four parts: the source of the ignition trigger signal, the PLC control unit, the high energy electronic ignition device and the ignition device.
1.The ignition trigger signal is taken from the flow signal of the differential pressure transmitter which is arranged on the air pipe of the torch.
2.PLC control unit to constitute the torch integrated detection, control system.
3.The electric ignition device is composed of a high voltage generator, a high-voltage wire, an electrode arc device and an ignition device.
4.Solenoid valve for the control valve of the ignition fuel gas supply line for the ignition device.

PLC control
Automatic ignition of the torch, torch discharge and combustion process for all weather detection and control, and the necessary parameters in the control panel display and management(including the working state of the torch head and the electric ignition device, the state of the solenoid valve on the line pipe).

Performance and characteristics 
The gas torch ensures the high temperature strength and corrosion resistance of the torch head, and ensures that no fire escape and low combustion noise are in the design range. The torch has the function of flame out protection, power off safety protection and tempering, convenient operation and safe operation.