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MT series iron oxide desulfurizer, also called H2S adsorbent, H2S scavenger, is mainly used for hydrogen sulfide removal from gases. It adopted ferric oxide as the main active component, then added with various accelerators for better performance. Till now, there are more than 100 installed projects in China and abroad.

Main physical and chemical indicators

Granularity (mm):φ3-5, L3-15
Breakthrough sulfur capacity (%):12-35
Intensity (N/cm):≥50
Bulk density (g/L):0.75-0.85
Specific surface area (m2/g):70~90
Pore rate (%):50

Performance and Characteristics

1. Simple structure, low investment, long service time
2. No power consumption, can be used in remote areas
3. Easy to manage, dispense with staff on duty, reliable operation, strong adaptability, small bed resistance
4. Replacement at fixed period, one use one standby, alternate operation, regenerable
5. High efficiency, high precision of desulfurization (easy for 50ppm, 1ppm possible)


Hydrogen sulfide removal from gases, such as biogas, natural gas, shale gas, oilfield associated gas, landfill gas etc. It can be used in biogas plant, starch plant,sewage treatment plant, paper mill, oil & gas filed, winery, brewery, gas treating, processing and other industries in the purification system.

Shipping and Delivery:

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