2020 Mingshuo Environment Group Annual Summary and Commendation Conference


On the morning of February 3, the “2020 Mingshuo Environment Group Annual Summary and Commendation Conference” was grandly held. The chairman of Mingshuo Environment Group, vice president of production, vice president of commerce, technical manager, and chief financial officer sat on the rostrum. The group award-winning employees and employee representatives attended the meeting. In view of the epidemic prevention and control situation, this conference was held in the lobby on the first floor of the Mingshuo R&D Building. The group strictly implemented epidemic prevention measures and all participants wore masks.


The vice president of production made a work summary for 2020 and a work plan report for 2021. He said, time flies like a white horse, another year in a blink of an eye. In 2020, there are more than 50 sales and production orders for the whole year, and 25 projects for engineering installation and construction. We built the cooperations between Weichai Group, CSSC, Yuwang Group, China Huadian Corporation Ltd. and other state-owned enterprises and listed companies. Although the Department of Foreign Trade is affected by the new crown epidemic and unilateralism, it has overcome various difficulties and still sells its products to the United States, Canada, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries.

Starlight doesn’t ask for travellers, Mingshuo will live up to the intentions. Perseverance will lead to success. The hard work will be rewarded. The brave will win when we meet on a narrow road. Opportunities are only reserved for those who are prepared. We hope that everyone will face the achievements in 21 years Don’t be proud, don’t waver in the face of temptation, don’t escape in the face of difficulties, and don’t be late in the face of arrangements!


President Shi makes an important speech

President Shi delivered an important speech on the theme of “Deep cultivation and meticulous work, do a good job in the main business”. Mr. Shi first thanked the Mingshuo family for their hard work in 2020, affirmed the hard work of the Mingshuo family in the past year, and highly appreciated the breakthroughs made in skid-mounted iron-based desulfurization and biological desulfurization technologies. 2020 has passed.

In 2021, the group will take the market as the leader, support core technology, and desulfurization as the breakthrough point, focus on improving the company’s comprehensive operation level, make overall reductions, and continue to persist in deep cultivation. The group lists ten major events of Mingshuo Group in 2021, and asks everyone to make persistent efforts!

Finally, President Shi wishes all the families of the Mingshuo happiness and health, and a smooth and prosperous New Year of the Ox!

The Chief Financial Officer announces and commends the 2020 advanced collective and advanced individual decisions.

The group will issue pennants, certificates and cash awards to 3 collectives and 29 advanced individuals with outstanding contributions in 2020.





The group hopes that the commended advanced collectives and advanced individuals will cherish honor, guard against arrogance and impetuosity, make persistent efforts, and make great achievements. All employees should take advanced as an example, inspire spirit, work hard, forge ahead, and make greater contributions to the development of the group!


Participants took a group photo in front of Mingshuo Building

Looking back on 2020, crises and opportunities coexist. The epidemic is raging, floods are raging, trade disputes… the development of various industries has been greatly impacted, and the people of Mingshuo have always “not forgotten their original intentions, and forge ahead.” Working hard to do scientific research, reform and enterprising to promote development, all work has achieved gratifying results. This year, Mingshuo Environment Group was established and the company realized group operation; this year, the group’s operation and management reached a new level. 6S management has been thoroughly implemented, and standardization has become the norm; this year, scientific and technological achievements have burst out one after another. The group successfully applied for 5 invention patents. The newly developed iron-based wet desulfurization equipment has stable operation and extremely high desulfurization efficiency. The first skid-mounted iron-based desulfurization equipment was successfully delivered. This year was a year of advancing against the current. The global epidemic has spread, but the group’s overall sales for the whole year have achieved reverse growth. The market share of iron-based wet desulfurization equipment is growing rapidly, the large-scale biological desulfurization project was completed at the end of the year, and the production and sales volume of dry desulfurization equipment and desulfurizers hit a new high! This year, we are full of reputation. Group chairman Shi Jianming was awarded the title of “Shandong Circular Economy Person of the Year”, and the group was awarded the “Weifang Enterprise Technology Center”. Gu Xinyi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, came to Mingshuo to guide the work and in-depth docking, providing intellectual support for the development of the group.

Looking forward to 2021, we are full of confidence. Mingshuo Environment Group will always adhere to the concept of “cherish the limited, create unlimited”, respond to the national strategy and promote the development of the environmental protection industry. In the new year, the Group will take the market as the leader and core technology as the support, focusing on the purchase of high-end smart equipment, the introduction of talents, scientific research and development, and international cooperation. We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees and the care and support of all sectors of society, Mingshuo Environmental Group will have a better tomorrow!