Dry Desulfurization

The Dry Desulfurization system can be customized according to the user’s gas hydrogen sulfide (H2S) content,  required replacement cycle, and other related data.

With the professional design, the size of gas desulfurization equipment, and internal structure for different projects can be very different. It will be customized according to various working conditions, such as types of gas, hydrogen sulfide content, gas pressure and etc.

The desulfurization system is suitable for the gas with low hydrogen sulfide content, large processing capacity, and requires high desulfurization precision. It is especially useful for prolonging the service life of the methane utilization equipment.

Biogas flows from one end of the desulfurization tower to the other end after being purified by a packed layer (mainly composed of activated carbon and iron oxide). Hydrogen sulfide reacts with iron oxide in the filler layer to form iron sulfide, which can be regenerated after the reaction.


* Low initial investment

* Easy operation

* Reliable performance

* No power consumption

* Regular replacement of the H2S scavengers

Desulfurization principle:

Fe2O3· H2O+ 3H2S = Fe2S3+ 4 H2O

Regeneration principle:

Fe2S3 + 3/2 O2+ 3 H2O = Fe2O3 ·H2O + 2 H2O+ 3 S

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