Biological Desulfurization

Biological desulfurization, also known as biocatalytic desulfurization (referred to as BDS).
Bio desulfurization is widely used in aquaculture, landfill, brewing, paper-making, citric acid, starch, pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical and other industries can produce biogas desulfurization, low operation cost, modular system equipment, a full range of services to support.

Biological desulfurization is also a kind of wet desulfurization. Compared with the catalytic oxidation process of wet desulfurization mentioned above, the biggest difference is that Thiobacillus is used instead of chemical catalyst to oxidize sulfide directly to sulfur.

Desulfurization principle:

H2S + OH-= HS-+ H2O

HS-+ 1/2O2= So+ OH-

Project Reference:
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