8 Year Exporter Remove Hydrogen Sulfide - Wet Desulfurization – Mingshuo

Wet desulfurization system is our company according to the actual situation of users, professional design of standardized desulfurization process, the gas desulfurization, regeneration, filtration or sulfur solution. Desulfurization adopts the combination of physical and chemical methods. Wet desulfurization equipment with long-term operation, continuous desulfurization, no two pollution, and byproduct sulfur or sulfur paste, processing capacity, high precision advantages of desulfurization, the desulfurization, regeneration and sulfur melting or filtration process is simple and effective, convenient management, low operating cost. My company can be based on the actual situation of users, not to mention the design and manufacture, to ensure that the actual user effect requirements.

Wet Desulfurization send biogas into the washing tower, wash it through alkaline solution, wash it out, wash the liquid into the rich liquid tank and regeneration tank, and catalyze and oxidize it through chemical methods. Finally, the sulphide is converted into elemental sulfur (sulfur foam), and the absorption liquid can be regenerated and recycled.