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Basic Information
Because of the inbalance of gas usage during anaerobic fermentation and the process of biogas exhausting, the air pressure can be increased over 2000Pa and would bring detriment to the safety of the equipment including assembled tank, integrated assembling tank, double membrane gas tank, wet gas holder etc. The main fuction of the positive and negative pressure protector is to protect the equipment from abnormal working conditions, to eliminate the excessive pressure or negative pressure, so as to ensure the safety of the equipment operation.
The positive and negative pressure protector is a kind of safety protector installed on biogas fermentation tank. When the positive or negative pressure of tank exceeds the limit, the protector could act to prevent occurrence of safety accidents. When positive pressure of tank exceeds the limit, the protector could act to relieve the pressure to prevent explosion of tank and when negative pressure of tank exceeds the limit, the protector could act to prevent the tank from being crushed by atmospheric pressure.
Product Parameter 
Models: MS-ZFY-Y400  MS-ZFY-F340*680
Positive/Negative Pressure: 2000/300 or 3000/500
Materials: Carbon steel anti-corrosive/stainless steel 
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Shandong Mingshuo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a service provider of environmental protection and new energy industry system. We committed into the comprehensive utilization of organic waste which includes biogas project and equipment associated.The company is the production base of medium and large biogas equipments in China, the member of China Biogas Association, the member of China Association of Rural Energy Industry. The company is the recommended member of CCTV Website Enterprise Channel and China Import and Export Commodity Website, the most complete and excellent biogas equipments manufacturers in China. Mingshuo is a professional company integrating the scientific research, technological design, production and debugging service. The company specializes in the production of desulfurizer, desulfurization equipments and biogas equipments. Such as, Mingshuo MTZ biogas dedicated desulfurizer, MT ferric oxide desulfurizer, 889 wet desulfurization catalysts, water treatment agent, MS biogas dedicated desulfurization tanks, thioniers, biogas dedicated gas-water separators, assembled tanks, gas holders, positive-negative pressure protectors, biogas dedicated flame arresters, biogas boilers, deironing magnetic separation equipments, etc.